Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Some Rants and Observations

I don't ask for accolades or any thanks for what I post. However I keep hearing the same diatribe about my stock postings:

a) he will only post when the stock is already up
- so, whats the problem??? this is not a warren buffett blog that asks you to hold for 1-2 years, you want that kind of blog info, go somewhere else ... am I the chief instigator, ceo, or chief investment banker, if not how the hell am i to know very very early when a company is going to have a corporate exercise... of course i will not be the first few to know ... all i know is from what i can see how a stock is trading, it gives me information, if i think its interesting, then i will seek out my network to clarify on info flow ... only then will i be able to write something ... u expect me to write on drb hicom 5 weeks ago??? and if not am i useless??, then don't read my blog la, so simple ... there are 101 good stocks, you want me to write about all of them NOW at the same time, whats the point ... every stock has their golden period, you can try to catch it, thats what i am trying to do ... if i write about the 101 good stocks, then no need to write anymore ... everytime any of the 101 stocks move up, i will just say refer to my posting 2 years ago, i told you so ...

b) this is not an investment service, so don't write to ask me to look at other stocks ... i am also not an advisory or answering service, i won't answer all your queries as i have a full life as well that does not involve investing ... i will choose to answer those i like to answer

c) somebody else have recommended the stock weeks or months ago
- ... so??? big deal, which fucking stock in the world has not been recommended by others ... like that no need to write about public bank ... same for kfima, so somebody liked it 3 weeks ago, what about the guy who liked it 3 months ago or 6 months ago ... good on you, we can only see at this point in time if a stock is still going to go up further from here ... not aiming to be the earliest ...
like that how to recommend spsetia-wb? ... i am sure there are ppl recommending it today at 1.68 but i am not going to say that he's an asshole ... there are ppl who recommended it at 1.30, and even at 90 sen, and even at 45 sen and then at 30 sen ... how many idiots are there ... the idiot is the person who takes someone's logical viewpoint and say ha-ha "i recommended it 4 weeks ago" ... good on you but nobody is really keen to hear that, you make money good la ....
i do not blow my own horn much because i know that as much as i am right, i can be wrong also ... it does not make me smarter or feel better if you say nice things ... i am who i am, i am not deluded in pppl saying i am a good stock picker because i know sometimes its just because we are in a bull market, nobody is actually smarter, the market just makes us all look better ... see whether we are still as smart when the market tanks, thats why try not to gloat or be too down when your picks are up or down



bOcy said...

guilty of rant (b). sorry.

your blog is greatly appreciated and enjoyed. thanks for your time for typing and babe photo searching.

still havent made money from shares.. maybe one day

David Koay said...

Absolutely concur with u...Enjoy your blog thoroughly :)

Jin Han said...

I think your blogs are great. It actually gives honest and down to earth insights into stocks. Another thing that I got from your blog is the introduction to poppop music. For that, I am forever indebted. Just ignore those who expect your blog to be a money making machine. These people expect you to give them the first prize 4D number week in week out. Mentioning them on your blog is an insult to you and to the rest who enjoys your blog.

Batman said...

Dear Dali,

We can't always make everyone happy, but we can always try to make OURSELVES happy, first :)

Please don't let comments from those 'who-think-they-know-it-all' affect your blog.

Thanks for posting articles after articles, of profound investment interest!

Keep it up :)

Batman said...

Dear Dali,

We can't always make everyone happy, but we can always try to make OURSELVES happy, first :)

Please don't let comments from those 'who-think-they-know-it-all' affect your blog.

Thanks for posting articles after articles, of profound investment interest!

Keep it up :)

Batman said...

Dear Dali,

We can't always make everyone happy, but we can always try to make OURSELVES happy, first :)

Please don't let comments from those 'who-think-they-know-it-all' affect your blog.

Thanks for posting articles after articles, of profound investment interest!

Keep it up :)

Choong said...

Damn those distractors

Exactly like you said, which stocks has never been recommended before?

But the ability to smell it out and explain and analyse it logically that make good sense is what made you commentaries much sought after.

Plus recommendations on great music and eateries, and not to forget photos of fine looking babes...what more do they want???


snowball said...

I like the last paragraph. Keep writing and covering the small caps. Same with the rest who commented, enjoy your blog immensely.

bonny b said...

Dear Dali,
Just do your own thing, and those who can, will always appreciate yr writings. Best wishes.

Loo said...

Dear Dali,

You are doing great work. Your postings are great. Keep up your great work. It is greatly appreciated!

ronnie said...

Dali. What the heck is poppop music? If it's pop music, where on earth has this guy been? You have an amazing spectrum of readers.

jeremy tan said...

Kudos Dali,
DRB-Hicom will might be taken private for RM2.20 to RM2.70/share.

Announcement at 5.27 am today : )

I can go to sleep now but it is time to work zzz

Present Value said...

Be yourself, indulge in your choices.
Blog visitors come and go.
Your passion and willingness to share is priceless.

Subba Rao said...

Hi Dali,

I thoroughly enjoy your blow. The thing I like most is how you lay your thought process for the reasons you pick a stock. And of course I also enjoy the food and wine coverage. Blog on brother.

asd said...

Hi SD,

There are always people who have yet to learn. The sooner they learn, the better for them. I am sorry for those guys that whine & whine all the time & NEVER LEARN. Pity them.

SD, just ignore them. They are stretching the learning curve & paying tuition fees the hard way all the time.

Please continue. I like your blog & although all my trades may not turn up to the way I like them, the net result is still positive.

I still owe you one, remember?


Alex said...

Dali, ignore those idiots and dont waste your time asnwering their negative remarks. Sour grapes are always there. Ignore them.

Btw, i love your postings. DAMN good and i have some money from your posting even though when your news came out, the counters have moved but i still move in based on your posting.

Thanks once again.

Note: If you have email group, hope you include me in your loop.


Alex said...

Dali, btw, if you have comment, i do like to receive and i hv checked box the Email follow-up.

thegame said...

hi I dont care what others say of you and your blog.I think your blog is like a breath of fresh air.ILove and enjoy reading it.Not only it's informative.I feel the effort and sincerity in your effort to pass on the infromation.That's just beautiful.Not to mention the beautiful can i say.Kindly ignore the critics and keep up with the good work.

Aaron Kee said...

Ignorance is bliss.


walla said...

i look forward to you doing a book with Martin. If he thinks harder, he will remember who i am.

Having read your mind from how you have written, it should be a good book. Not the usual traders homilies peppered with exclamation marks and caps but sober, serious, witty, acutely observed stuff, the one that adds sheen to the minds of its readers.

It doesn't have to be just on stocks and how to valuate them. It can be something like a Schuman, Blackman, Studwell or Gladwell but more finance-related.

You can do it. Take it as your child project.

Life prevents one from having some things. But it always gives something else back. You have abundant intellectual gifts honed by streetwise observations. Don't waste them. Leave something enduring behind.

I can't write finance but i have more material than all the goldman sachs or mckinseys in the world to last a few lifetimes. For me, what's gained is what's lost. Everything snuffs out. Don't let what's at your doorstep go to waste.


Goh Kong Chee said...

blogging is for our own passion on our interested field, why bother others view, in my view, those people who criticize you may not able to write any article near to the level like you even the share price is moving up and news is coming out already.

As long as I'm concern, I'm enjoying reading your blog.

Salvatore_Dali said...

dear all,

actually my rantings are not meant to garner a show of support ... but they are much appreciated..

walla, what a challenge, to write a book... i do think there is something there n u probably is right in leaving n sharing ... we will see

Muhd Izzat said...

your stock review really help me get some insight of their business are not covered by analyst, you're doing a good job, keep going Dali

Batman said...

Dear Dali,

Our comments are more towards showing our appreciation to what you had shared in your blog all this while, hehehe.

Trust me, I read a lot of malaysian finance blogs out there and none are EVER in the same postcode as yours.

Alright, let's move on.

Poon said...

Too many people said too many things but not many know what they are saying. I feel sorry for their ignorance. So, Dali, if your writings are not their cup of tea, they can go look for other recommendation and I wish them good luck. Sooner or later, these horses will turn back for the greenest pastures of yours.

offstonee said...

A lot of people still regard themselves to be God, can know and predict everything exactly.

Let them be, these people never know what is the actual trick.

They cannot even differentiate value investing vs momentum investing
and value investing with momentum.

Let them be.

My profit from your posting is unmeasuarable.

Many Thanks.

ROIIC said...

SD, take a look at Evergreen Fiberboard..very cheap stock that is misunderstood imo

eddy said...

Sabar Bro, Sabar, Patience has its virtues.

For those smart alec commenters, ask them to start their own blog.

Always enjoyed your posts, there are many more out there like me.

Mr ICICI said...

SALVATORE dali. (it seems a lot of ppl r expressing support for your dog instead)

btw, i think your blog is fantastic. pls continue sharing your thoughts with us.


Hirofumi said...

Hi mate,

Dont think you need to justify yourself anymore. Fun read tho'


Jack said...

Allow me to use Chinese proverbs to tender my support.

清者自清 厚德载物

Your kind sharings have been and will continue to be received with high appreciations and respects. The truth is out there...

Jack Lee.

sanghani58 said...

Whatever the idiot want to say let him say. We know you are sincere and if I make any comment on your view I will give my honest comment to you.Now everybody be cool we are going for super bull run and go for plantation stocks that have value.

Alto said...

I enjoy your blog and i learnt a lot from it. Thanks. Not trying to polish your shoes, but i treat u as "shi fu". hehe.

Well just ignore those people la...

Always see you introduce nice but expensive food. Maybe u can try the pan mee at Desa Setapak, if u are panmee fans. Two famous shops - Pan Mee corner or SSL.

TYS said...

You are who you are man!!

Kingsmen said...

all i can say is that if u cant stand any comments against you just switch to interested party only mode...then perhaps only your followers will be able to read your so call private public postings .... cant stand it? just sit on it bro....

Batman said...


Speak for yourself-lah then.