Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Soon To Be Fav KL Restaurant

Max Chin has graduated from Tengkat Tong Shin to Pudu and now in Solaris Dutamas, its housed in Menara Kencana Petroleum ground floor actually. The pics were taken from cumidanciki.com, apologies folks.



There were some detractors in early days as there were some teething problems in the first few weeks. Now all that seems to have been ironed out. The concept here is Max will serve the freshest produce he can lay his hands on, so no a la carte menu. Well, at least you will get to choose between two main courses but that's about it.


The food is good to brilliant, as usual, but my previous complaints at his other two restaurants have been answered. We have an affable wine guy in Albert with a much much better wine selection. Their Australian wines have gone up a few notches. The very hard to find Clarendon Hills were widely available, and trust me, the price here is deep value for money - go try and buy some Clarendon Hills elsewhere. The two bottles I tasted so far were fantastic. I saw the coveted Eileen Hardy and placed the bottle on my table, only to ask for the price ... sigh RM800, a bit rich for me ... sigh...


Service has improved markedly from the previous two places, and there's there lovely host Sophia to soothe things over, how to go wrong. Go for dinner, the lunch time menu is value for money but you do not get the full experience.



G1-01-3, Level G1
Menara Kencana Petroleum, Solaris Dutamas
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Operation hours are from 12pm-12am
Call now for reservations: +603- 6211 0648


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