Friday, November 19, 2010

Further Thoughts On MRCB-IJM Land

Yes, the shares have seen increased activity, however all that is still speculation in the market place. To make better sense, one has to look at the volume and activity of related shares. There was enormous buying IJM Land warrant a few days ago. Yesterday saw the activity in the mother share picking up, even surpassing the warrant's volume, which is a good sign. If it was an unfounded speculation, there would not be corresponding volume increase in the mother share.

The final key has to be the trading in IJM Corp as it holds more than 60% in IJM Land. If there is some merit to the whole thing, there has to be some firm activity there. Bearing in mind that IJM Corp is not a very liquid counter, not many traders would want to bet on that counter, hence any activity is likely to be genuine. How it moves should tell us a lot more about the overall picture.

This is not to feed on speculation but rather to alert all on how to better maximise the way we read information that is available.

Have a look at IJM Corp's trading activity yesterday and today, you should be able to form your own views.

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surewin1woh said...


On EAH, if the px b4 ex-date is 0.63, can I say that its px would be 0.61 immediately after ex. Calculation for deducting 0.02:0.63-0.59=0.04/2=0.02 for the 1:2 warrant entitlement.

Appreciate your feedback. Many thanks.

solomon said...

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Digital said...

Hit the jackpot...both ijmland and mrcb request for suspension in trading today. If no winds where the tree will sway.

Digital said...

Hit the jackpot...both ijmland and mrcb request for suspension in trading today. If no winds where the tree will sway.