Thursday, November 11, 2010

Commentary On Hot Stocks

You cannot please everyone, even when you are just commenting on hot stocks, some will say I only comment on them after they moved. So what, how am I to know things before the corporate moves? Unless I am the one driving the exercise. These are not fundamentals based analysis. These are hot stocks. The aim is to ascertain if they have more upside or the upside is limited from here. Its call trading, ok!

MRCB - Looks to have finally found some wind in its sails. Upside is there, not much and will be slow.

OSK - News that Maybank has made a bid for OSK seems to be true but Ong Leong Huat will probably not bite. Hence the rally is petering out. Based on active volume in the market, all brokers stocks should be rated higher. Upside limited beyong RM2.00.

Press Metal - Besides showing excellent results for the last 2 quarters, it appears there is a new big investor in the company. Broke through recent high easily, should have more upside. Valuation wise justifiable up to RM2.60.

K One - Since the last commentary it has rosen from RM1.00 to above RM1.50. Fell following the UMA from Bursa. Still look good until their corporate exercise announcement.

Kinsteel - Following the previous commentary, looking to shift gears. OK to trade.

Landmark - Looking to establish a new base to rally. Quick trade.

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k said...

Any thoughts on TA and Uemland at the moment? Thanx.

Salvatore_Dali said...


uemland will gradually move to 2.90 over the next 6 months

TA is OK as they should hit 1.00 if the rally in the mkts lasts till CNY

cy said...

any thoughts of why mudajaya is on the downside at the moment?

kl said...

Tks for your hot stocks commentary. Decided to suspend my no s.t. trades policy in this current market. Any views on DRB-Hicom? Looks promising.

clk said...

Hee..hee SD, people want insider information made public.

Maybe some of them want to see you in jail?

thegame said...

I think they will twist the osk ceo's arms to force him to sell.Cimb did it to southern bank.The ceo didnt want to sell till the last moment.A repetition is on the card here.

Choong said...

Good call on p metal, flies away like a wild bull unleashed.

Unfortunately, I did not select this to go in, but went in on Landmark, and a little bit on OSK which made some, but nothing compared to p metal.

Thanks agin and congratulate to those who went in on p metal.

Salvatore_Dali said...


i thot you could read my words carefully ... most would have chosen k1 or pmetal ... anyways, let me make it up to you ... i like LNGRes though I am too tired to blog about it ... i did blog about it before, just search for LNG Resources ... i like the breakout vol jump today