Friday, June 18, 2010

Systemic Failure Rates & Suicidal Coincidences

Some call it error rate. Nothing is 100%. The chart below from Paul Kedrosky's site was highly illuminating and sardonically funny as well. There is a 1 in 9 occurrence of medical prescription error, now thats worrying. Vasectomy failure rate at 1 in 150, hmmm.

When you look at the media-frenzied Firestone tyres recall, the actual failure rate wasn't that scary, just 1 in 5,000 - see what the media hype can do, scare the juices out of you. What's comforting is that flying commercial airlines will only kill you once every 4.5 million flight you take. Technically that is striking the RM1m lottery. Do you feel lucky?


The second part of the heading has to do with suicidal coincidences, how often do you ever get to hear that two words together? This again shows that truth is stranger than fiction. A broken-hearted young man decided to throw himself off a bridge in Russia. He climbed up a tall one and spotted a young woman doing the same thing. They climbed down together. Now Andriej Ivanov, 26, is due to marry Maria Petrova, 21.

Andriej Ivanov and Maria Petrova /Europics

Saved each other ... Andriej Ivanov and Maria Petrova

Devastated Andriej Ivanov, 26, wanted to end it all when his fiancĂ©e died in a car crash the day before they were due to get married. But when he arrived at the bridge — in Ufa, central Russia — he found Maria Petrova climbing over the railings.

Maria, 21, had been thrown out by her parents for falling pregnant and was seconds from throwing herself more than 100ft into the icy Belaya River when Andriej rescued her.

He said: "Something in my heart snapped and I couldn't let her do it no matter how broken my own heart was.

"I shouted, 'Stop' and ran over to her. She fell into my arms sobbing and I began crying too.

"We held each other and talked, and talked and talked. That night saved my life - and hers."

The couple talked into the night and agreed to help each other mend their broken hearts. Now they plan to get married after telling their families about how they met.

Maria said: "He is my knight and my saviour. All that pain was worthwhile because it led me to my Andriej."

Unbelievable, and I am very sure we will see this being made into a movie (may I suggest Robert Downey Jr and Lindsay Lohan as the leads).


David Koay said...

Nice. How sweet :)

Alice Phua said...

What a coincidence to meet each other at the point of suicide. I guess it must be fate that brings them to the situations before the suicide and fate that brings them together.

One Shot said...

Hi Dali, what do you think of the donations that Syed Bukhari controlled companies made to his foundation? I think this is so not on particularly AIRB's donation which amounts to 66% of their profit! Hope the SC is investigating this.Kudos to MSWG for bringing it up - but they are toothless so again I hope this doesn't get swept under the carpet.


solomon said...

Lucky is we are still around.

Angel's message is "there are still better things in this world"....whether human or animals, so long there is a sense of love...

Boodyboy said...

Hi Dali,

Could you tell me where the article about this couple can be found? Would like to blog about it as well


Salvatore_Dali said...

just google their names