Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What Is This Crap?

Sheryll Stothard, who was made the new Corporate Communications GM of Petronas, seems to have triggered a lot of stupid people who think she should not be there in the first place. The main reason cited was the she was a former Parti Rakyat Malaysia vice president. So?????

Are we saying that ALL EMPLOYEES of government linked institutions must be Barisan Nasional loyalists??? Does that mean that if the opposition wins in the next election, that all the senior management of all government linked bodies must resign as well???

Where is the purported fairness, openness, transparency ... where is the professionalism??? Datuk Shamsul Azhar, please do not kowtow to the idiots.

Kepala-hotak engkau!!!


Aree said...

You know this but I will say it anyway.

The multi billion money given by Petronas to the govermnet is for PM eyes only. Only PM know how exactly the money is spent. The accountability is not there at all, can't even discuss in parliment the details or audits or accountability matter.

We just don't know what shit exactly the money was spent on all these year.

Ivan said...

when msia can amend the law whereby all politician MUST disclose their family and their personal asset ?

Admin said...

Petronas is the equivalent of Federal Reserve in USA.

Roy said...


I agree with you. There are many executives/mgmt staff of GLCs who are not align to the current government of the day. They are talented, perform well in their jobs and are contributing well to the country. Are we going to ask them to resign just because they don't have the same political inclination as us?

This is getting ridiculous!

Trashed said...

This is how we lose more talent.