Friday, April 23, 2010

Commentary On Selected Stocks

As I have mentioned before, the market is at a crossroad. There are many who have left the table with their chips as they cannot find decent counters with good upside over the next 6 months. Volume has been not that high but the markets have been able to sustain the current levels. Do not be too enamored with the index level as the main indices are controlled by local funds. If the global equity sentiment is neutral, the local funds can and do control the local indices. All they have to do is have sustained interest in the banks, throw in MISC, Axiata, Tanjong, BAT and a few other big ones, you can literally manage the index.

As for volume counters, investors would have saved a lot of money if they follow my emphatic avoidance calls on KNM. Talam is the new kid in town. Better prospects, coming out of PN17, I think 18-20 is doable. Dufu, Unisem, JCY and Notion are having a mini-rubber glove like party on their own. Don't like Scomi or Ramunia.

QL finally found traction, a good long term hold.

Generally, I would advocate at least a 50%-70% in cash going into May.

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ilad said...

hi dali,
you mentioned about jcy, notion,dufu etc . what is your comment about mqtech?