Friday, March 05, 2010

See You Tomolo, Heads Up On Parking

Coincidentally, KLGCC is holding the Malaysian Open golf tournament the same weekend, which started yesterday. While SDCCC has more than 500 car park bays, a number of them would have been taken up by those watching the golf next door. Hence you may have to park inside the building if the open air car spaces have been taken up.

There will be refreshments and notes on the talk will be handed out at the end of the talk. The event is technically full, however we are still selling a few more seats by adding chairs to the back of the auditorium.


ronnie said...

Dear Dali, Your talk on Saturday was fantastic. The nearest we will ever get to matching the experience of attending Berkshire Hathaway's AGM in Omaha. It was worth every penny.

Congratulations !

lgcsdv said...