Thursday, March 25, 2010

Movers & Shakers - Coffee Shop Talk

Despite the market still trending up, its pretty obvious that its not a full fledged bull run. Its highly selective and investors are still treading gingerly. Below are some of my comments on the movers & shakers:

Measat - Well, its still a theory to be privatised but have you had a decent look at the quantum leap for the past 3 days alone. I doubt very much that AK would have been thinking of a 50% premium to take it private from the price 3 days ago... and that's still a big IF. Measat is not Astro, yes its turning around from losses to a RM50m profit but it looks stretched to me.

IRCB - Highly dicey. Imagine the glove makers but without the gloves.

JCY - Still thinks its fair value is RM1.80-1.90.

KNM - How to draw a "puke icon".

MAS - A positive rerating, should have a bit more upside considering the low base it rallied from.

Glove makers - Cannot make any smart commentary at present prices, its like a runaway train and you are trying to predict when it will stop.

Evergreen - Steady climb back up, still looking at RM2.00.

ENG - Put that in the same category as IRCB but without the volume.

Jerneh - Second round, the first was a couple of months back. What could be happening - remember my article on Great Eastern.

Premium Nutrients - It looked good at 34 sen, climbed to 39 like an arthritic old lady up the stairs, broke out, should be good for a quick trade.

MTD Capital - Had to make some comments since I put up the posting and the company denied the sale of the Luzon tollway, but owners and company still buying back shares, cut if you don't like the story.

p/s photos: Rina Chinen

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~The Metamorphosis~ said...

comparing JCY, NOTION, DUFU, and ENG, what's your take, Dali? :)

Salvatore_Dali said...

In terms of attractiveness:

1. Notion
2. Dufu
3. JCY

forget about ENG, its highly speculative with a weak biz platform