Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Market Direction Updated

Readers may remember me having said that I think the Malaysian market should outperform the rest of the Asian markets in 2010. I still stand by it. I also said that the FBM KLCI has the potential to touch 1,500 this year as a high. Now, that has been clouded somewhat. For the benefit of those who will be attending the upcoming talk on 6 March, I will be discussing two critical macro developments which I see may shake global markets to its core in 2Q2010. Together with my guest chartists, we will delve into target support levels on those scenarios.

Investing in stocks nowadays is no longer a buy and hold strategy. We must be prepared to consider the timing of waves and major breaks. Not just Malaysia, now almost every markets are trend driven markets because of the sheer force and size of leveraged funds and big trading prop computer models.

See you at the talk ... it should save you loads of money and sleepless nights ...

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