Monday, February 01, 2010


I was minding my own business, walking around TMC Bangsar when I came across this bunch of young people marketing a virtual community marketplace website called ... I come across many venture capital presentations and 99% leave a lot to be desired to take to the next level. You know how it is when you learn about "an idea" and it makes a lot of sense to you ... that's how it felt like after meeting this bunch of energetic go-getters. So, I am giving them a small helping hand by giving them free airtime.

I think it fills a deep seated need in the community, and is a wonderful use of the web to allow a meeting of needs. I also want to see them succeed because it helps those who are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, to give a channel to promote their services, to test drive their product/services viability before taking the big plunge to strike out on their own. It also allows housewives and retired people to market their skills and keep busy - all very nice and edifying.

So check them out ... I think they will be successful ... and I am pretty sure some private equity or VC guy/gal will be giving you guys a call very soon. Cheers ... (btw... this is not a paid advertising write up, and I do not own any stake in the company... oh, how I wish I did).

----------------- is a localised community marketplace for freelancers, part-timers,
professionals and home-based services.

In, you will find individuals ranging from youths looking for career and business opportunities, income earners who also work after-hours to boost their income and highly skilled retired veterans providing home-based services to you.

It’s YOUR Deal
In, we do not interfere in the transaction process between a buyer and a seller. Right from the start to the end of the hiring or bidding process, users have total control over what, who, when, where and how they negotiate and seal the deal.

p/s photos: Park Si Yeon

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