Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Like This, No Need To Recommend Stocks Lah!

Is it pure coincidence that the first day of trading for 2010 went off like a bang? Let me assure you that NOTHING happen in stock markets by chance. Is there a golden finger behind all the optimism, we can all guess and end up with a 3 hour coffee shop talk about personalities and conspiracies, and end the day none the wiser. What is crucial is that to take note that it happened, and that is likely to indicate the shape of things to come right up till CNY.

If everyday traded like Monday 4 Jan, no need for anyone to recommend anything, every stock that comes out any uncle or auntie will sound like a "strong buy". Even donkey stocks will now sound plausible. Do you want to criticise the market's shallowness or trade it while its hot. Genuine traders will ignore the fundamentals and trade the trend lines.

p/s photo: Jessica Michibata

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