Monday, January 18, 2010

How To Work Inefficiently & Waste Resources

I don't know whether to laugh or cry ... yes, its over the proposed introduction of the new petrol scheme. We are supposed to show or scan our MyKad before we pump.

1) That is assuming the car is in our name - what if the hubby is driving the wife's car; or the maid is driving the car to buy groceries; of the grandfather is driving to pick up the grand kids??? So many people are driving somebody else's car - that is a big obstacle.

2) A person may have a few cars registered to his/her name (maybe a Kancil, a Camry and a Land Rover) - hence after scanning, somebody will still have to go and check which bloody car he/she is driving this time, very convenient I am sure for the kiosk attendants.

3) Then there is the need to have different pumps for different prices. Can you imagine the difficulty - now we have normal and premium unleaded, basically instead of 2 pumps, we will need 4 pumps for the pricing. Let's throw in the diesel as well, which means we will have less options for the same number of cars. It will create even more traffic jams and confusion at the kiosks as cars need to queue at the right pumps, etc.

4) For all the monitoring, the kiosks will probably have to hire at least one or two dedicated "verification attendant" - extra cost.

You just want to penalise high CCs car drivers. It is so simple. Just add 25% annual road tax on cars above 2,000cc, add 35% on cars above 3,000cc, and add 50% road tax on cars above 4,000cc - sooooooooo simple. At the same time, you can even drop the annual road tax for cars 1,500 -2,000 cc by 20%, and even smaller cars below 1,500cc by 30%.

As for foreign cars with foreign number plates, just whack a 50% surcharge on their petrol bills every time they pump. Petrol kiosks detected for failing to do so will be fined RM10,000 for first offence and RM100,000 for repeated offence, and/or license to operate be taken from them.

Save on the scanning, leakages, waste of resources, etc... unless of course some company has been marketing the new scanning system to be used for all petrol kiosks??!!

p/s photos: Kristy Yeung

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Roy said...

yes, some company has been marketing the new scanning system to be used for all petrol kiosk. It will create chaos, I assure you.