Sunday, January 03, 2010

Apologies For Unanswered Comments

This is so embarrassing. All the time I thought that my blog had mostly silent readers as I get very few comments in my email box. Apparently, my lack of knowledge with blogger-google knowhow led me to believe that all comments will be directed to my gmail account.

Now I accidentally found out that I had to log into my Blogger Dashboard to see the comments that needed to be moderated. I was shocked to find over 800 comments from readers that I am seeing for the first time. I apologise profusely for this. Many of you must have thought that I just dumped all comments, questions or cannot take criticisms. I am now in the process of moderating the comments and will go post to post to answer them. Its so silly, its a bit funny.

p/s photos: Miwa Oshiro

1 comment:

tohff7 said...

Hi Dali,

Just a suggestion. Maybe it will be nice if you could put up a 'Latest Comments' section at the right had side of your blog?

At least, it would alert your readers on the latest comments (especially on older topics) and encourage more participation.