Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why Do Stocks ....

From Paul Kedrosky's wonderful site again. This time we see how wise Google is. We should call it Google the Oracle. If you type in search box: "Why do stocks ...?"

You get the wonderful array of questions we all want to know answers to. Brilliant!

why-stocks.png"Why are Canadians ...?"

canadians.pngIf you type in "Why do Malaysians...", you will get prompts:

Why do Malaysians march
Why do Malaysians say la

If you type in "Why Malaysians...", you will get the following prompts:

Why Malaysia can't (sic) go (to) Israel
Why Malaysia GDP fall
Why Malaysia internet so slow
Why Malaysia was formed
Why Malaysia was not an Islamic state
Why Malaysian (sic) migrate

Funny indeed...


Soon Hui said...

Try to type "v" in Google search and you'll find....

Salvatore_Dali said...

soon hui...lol, good find