Friday, November 20, 2009

Stock Take On Highlighted Counters & Returns

Time to do stock take since I have said the risk-reward ratio has turned sour, plus my 1,280 target for the year has been reached. Hence I will have been more aggressive in reducing positions. Below was the link to the previous stock take:

IJM Land, in at 1.81, supposed to wait for the 30% before, now 2.62... 44% take half profit, let the rest ride... but have a stop-loss(gain) at 2.50.
Now at 2.27, stop-loss gain triggered, out of stock at 2.50.

CIMB, in at 10.30, now at 12.44... 20%, will hold for the 30%.
Breached 13.00, very close to 30%, enough for now. Out.

QL Resources, in at 3.34, now at 3.46... wait for bonus.
Closed at 3.89, 16% gain, not enough, this one is safe enough to hold for its bonus.

Sep 7: Kurnia Asia 0.58, went to 0.76 (+31%), now at 0.70, took half profit, let the rest ride, stop-loss (gain) at 0.64.
Closed at 0.72, riding to 0.76 two weeks back. Up stop-loss gain to 0.69.

Sep 16: TAS Offshore: in 0.78, had a run to 0.89, back to 0.80, still ok.
Dwindled to 0.76, cut loss here, seems not to be panning out as I thought.
Sep 17: Ann Joo, in 2.30, now at 2.70, +17%, will wait for 3.00.
Closed at 2.89, so close to my 3.00, but cannot be too fixated some times, take all profit, can't complain with 25% in 2 months.

Sep 28: Hock Seng Lee, in 1.02, went to 1.20, now at 1.15, can wait till Budget news out then sell.
Excellent results, trying to recover, closed at 1.15. Not going to wait as the anticipated catalysts have appeared and the stock is finding it hard to scale up, too many stale sellers waiting above 1.20. Out.

Sep 29: TAE, in 1.45, hold for TA Global exercise.
Still comfortable with this, thinks that TA Global will fly and so too will TAE.

Oct 7: Evergreen, in 1.01, now 1.07, some ways to go.
Went above 1.50 strongly, 40-50% gain in 2 months, what more you want, out for now even though I think this is good to 1.80 but risk-reward not that good and had to reduce stocks.

Oct 8: CSC Steel, in 1.08, now 1.23 (+13.8%), strong accumulation by institutional funds, will keep.
Took my 30% or thereabouts at 1.38. Out for now.

Oct 9: BRDB, in 1.72, now 1.90, small position, will wait till volume breaks out.
Volume breakout never came, looks like a need to hold for a few more months, owing to big picture not that conducive, out.

Oct 12: Fajarbaru.
In at 1.20, did try to move but sluggish much like HSL, cut.

Oct 14: Weida.
In at 0.76, also sluggish 0.67, cut loss.

Oct 16: Efficient e-Solutions.
In at 0.235, went up a bit, but back down 20.5, cut at 0.22.

Though not a "Why I Like" stock, I did mention Magna Prima as a stock to watch, it has gone from low 2.00 to above 3.00 since then, no position.

Oct 20: Success Transformers.

In at 1.18, went to 1.32. Close at 1.21. Took 1/3 profit at 1.30. Will hold for Seremban Engineering IPO.

Oct 26: Notion VTec.

In at 0.505, 5 into one exercise. Now holding at 2.57. This one I will hold for the placement announcement and mid term.

Nov 6: Salcon.
In at 0.565, sold 1/3 at 0.605. Holding well, will keep the rest for my 30%.

Nov 13: Inch Kenneth.

In at 0.445. Volatile, sold 1/3 at 0.52. Closed at 0.475. Recent posting, will hold.

Nov 17: Supportive.
In at 1.03. Also volatile, sold 1/3 at 1.14. Closed at 1.09. Recent posting, will hold.

The above were views on stocks and sectors that I like, not an invitation to buy or sell. It serves as a blogging activity of my investing thoughts and ideas, this does not represent an investment advisory service as I charge no subscription or management fees (donations are welcomed though). The content on this site is provided as general information only and should not be taken as investment advice. All site content, shall not be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any security or financial instrument. The ideas expressed are solely the opinions of the author. Any action that you take as a result of information, analysis, or commentary on this site is ultimately your responsibility. Consult your investment adviser before making any investment decisions.

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Kingsmen said...

and soon if tranmil goes up to 1.20 then perhaps u will like them too!

Geoff said...

There seem to be a dis connect between Ann Joo and its warrant. The warrant has trailed (slide?)in the run up, the premium is now in single digit.

ps said...

Hi Dali,

reading yr article is my daily routine practise.Yr blog really help me alot in my investment decision making,TQ.
I have a question to ask, do you think it is best time to buy BjToto at this level? i have 4000 at 4.80 and 4000 at 4.32(after ex div)hope to see yr comment

bindi said...

Hi Dali

Hahaaha...where is 3A??? is the biggest kill in the market and u know it hahahaa....let me share with u my theory, if its a theory come 2 months time.

I forsee Wilmar's China IPO going to take off in Jan/Feb and most of the worldwide fund managers will take advantage of the China Capricorn affect whereby reallocation of stocks will take place. Locally, Wilmar will place out 3A shares to big local bumi funds and they will partake into the Wilmar CHina IPO...why gie freebie to these blokes? theory is for the exit and $$ paid to RK for not being a sugarking banging on 3a like coke

yusuf bhai...yes my email still the same

happDays said...

Congratulation on your portfolio performance.

For the past 6 months; klang valley's property(existing/2nd) both landed and condo has substantially appreciate from 60k and above. The increase in prices also noticed on new launches. Low interest rate and easy approval of loan(bank accepting high debt ratio) make loan more affordable by normal folks.
Is this a good times to look at property stock? or this is potential bubble for property and banking sector?

yb.aun said...

how come ta global down?