Monday, November 23, 2009

Party Pills On The Rise

Now, read the headline again. That was the front page headline in The Star today. I do find it exasperating to read mainstream media because I always have to categorise them in my mind first as genuine news reporting, or opinions, or half truths or just plain propaganda. Hence reading msm is not an enjoyable task anymore.

I had to write about the headline in The Star today, because you see the word "party" you naturally think its another story about politics. When you read on its actually about designer drugs and drug use among the youth and young adults.

Imagine if it WAS about backbenchers in certain Malaysian political parties!!! I had to laugh when I saw the headline because if its about political parties, ... its damn funny man .... ; ) ... Party Pills On The Rise... of course, you know why they are called "pills"... because they are a bloody nuisance, they are supposedly good for you but damn hard to take, and fucking hard to swallow and to keep down. Now thats funny!!!

p/s photos: Agnes Monica

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