Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2012 - How To Offend Everyone

The movie 2012 tells of the annihilation of the world as we know. It seems the Mayans kept many calendars, including one known as the “Long Count Calendar.” This calendar will reach the end of a 5,100-year-long epoch on December 21, 2012. My, my, got exact date some more, better move some things from my schedule then...

Coincidentally, the Tang Dynasty prediction in ancient China also foretold that the Earth would undergo a complete makeover, which could be interpreted as the end of the existing world, in the Year of Dragon (2012). Meanwhile, NASA satellite data have shown that the oceanic ice in the Arctic Circle this summer is only half its coverage four years back. A NASA scientist has said, "At this speed, the Arctic Ocean will be totally depleted of ice at the end of 2012 summer."

As the headline said, how to offend everyone. If the Mayan calender is correct, basically almost everyone dies, maybe a few will survive if they were living in a cave or under some other contraption. If 2012 is correct, then Buddhism as we know also vanishes, so many are still waiting to be reincarnated, as we all know how far we all are from being a buddha or reach total enlightenment. Say they were a few survivors and they somehow manage to procreate, so the reincarnation cycle still holds true, but man... can you imagine the queue to get reincarnated!!!

What about the Christians, well we were waiting for Revelation, but where is the rapture? Surely many Christians were "taken away" at the same time as non-believers, that cannot be right. The Jewish folks are no better, supposedly chosen people, dang... where is the first coming of Christ?

If 2012 were right, then were the atheists proven correct? Maybe, but you buggers also had to perish. Maybe being right didn't sound so appealing now. Does it make you feel better to be right and dead before your time is up? Well, for some people, to be right is more important than to be alive.

Back to reality, the Mayans, themselves, said very little about this date, though records show they certainly did not believe the world would end at that time. Many of their descendants today have complained that the current 2012-related hysteria is simply a “gringo invention.” In addition, the Bible powerfully warns against astrology and other occult practices for divination of future events (e.g., Deuteronomy 18:10-12; Jeremiah 10:2)—warnings that today’s 2012-obsessed individuals ignore, or perhaps have never heard.

Though this posting is tongue in cheek, we must remember that even with everybody dead, we all still have our souls to contend with... so where is you soul going to, and what will it be doing the rest of the time?

How to know if you have a soul. Do this one time, stand in front of the mirror and stare at yourself, you do it long enough (say 5-10 minutes) you will realise that what you see is a shell and that its your soul that lives and breathes, and that your soul can actually inhabit any shell, form or appearance, and you should know that that doesn't die off.

Take care of your soul.

p/s photo: Miho Kanno


bindi said...

Dali Yusuf bhai
Speaking of shell and soul, can u please tell BFM that when they quote your blog, they always mentioned yours views are expressed in the articles you wrote, which to me is quite incorrect as most of the articles are not written by you but taken from other publications. They assumed that all articles were written by you and hold your view. So perhaps you can tell them bout soul and shell.


pj pilgrim said...

You imply that Buddhists believe that one can only reincarnate as humans. Two errors; 1. Buddhists believe in rebirth, not reincarnation (look up the difference). 2. Rebirth can take place in many forms. And the looking in the mirror part was rather weak. You can only arrive at that conclusion if you have a pre-existing belief. Besides, have you looked into the eyes of a dog you love?

Wei Li said...

although i'm sure what you said was in jest, but I can't help but say that even if 2012 happens, the reincarnation cycle would continue elsewhere. As out of all probability, this is not the only planet sustaining (aguably) intelligent life.
if we are alone out there, well it's a real effin waste isn't it?

wk said...

very deep words.. interesting views :D

Salvatore_Dali said...

pj, its a joke, not theology