Friday, October 09, 2009

Good Site Discovered For Trading Purposes

I have to say that I rarely have much time for pure chartists or technical analysis. To me, the purer they get to making it a science of numbers, the more they are admitting that they cannot make sense of the stock market - they are basically people who have given up trying to understand the stock market, the stock fundamentals and pervading macro factors... they just do what the trendlines, hiccups, anomalies, divergences etc. tell them to do. If going to the grave yard at 3am every night to see if you can get a half moon and correlate that to taking a goldfish out of water and seeing how long before it dies... and you tell the chartists that there is 7 in 10 chance that the markets will be good for trading the next day if its half moon and the fish dies within 5 minutes - I bet you they will plot a chart and draw all sorts of trendlines there as well...

Anyways, I jest, I came across a very decent site with clear analysis, no b.s., straight forward analysis on Malaysian stocks. There are very very few chartist that I really respect and follow, Daryl Guppy is one and this site is another. I think its a valuable site for good trading information. Go and check it out:

p/s photo: Maki Nishiyama


Terrance said...


What do you think of this counter, GUH?

Financially strong and its plant in China is doing well.


Martin said...

Dear Dali,

Thank for your kind words.

You wud not believe the kind of comments I get from readers who lost money simply because they do not have a exit plan for their investments.

Stay in touch !

Martin Wong,

Michael Tsen said...

nice post, I would love to see more people educating NOT to get too tight up with TA ...