Monday, September 14, 2009

The Talk Is Set - A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Stock Exchange

Well, I can say now that the investing/ finance / biz talk by yours truly is finally on. Details will be out in a day or two. The headline of the event is A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Stock Exchange.

After weeks of planning, juggling the topics and all, I have finally arrived at sufficient material that would be highly interesting. I have set out some of the topic on the jpg file (flyer) but the most important nuggets will be on how I arrive at my decision to buy a stock, the step by step mental process and tools I use to consider.

However, possibly the most exciting part should be the extended Q&A session planned at the end. It should be a lot of fun, and hop
efully we all get to learn something new from each other. See ya!!!

+ Please note that this is NOT a talk whereby stock tips will be given out. It is a collection of investing rules, opinions, clarifications on myths and some useful
pointers on equity investing.

Some of the topics covered:
Getting the big-picture first ~ Bottom-up for certain type of stocks ~ When to use PE ratios, and when not to ~ What I look for in reading Annual Reports ~ Sector and industry research under-analyzed and under-appreciated ~ How and when to use NTA / NAV in investments ~ A defensible business model ~ The trader’s view of investing ~ The long term buy and hold mentality, is that for you? ~ Everyone must diversify? ~ Over 90% of all fund managers fail to outperform their benchmark indices? ~ Spotting the 2, 3 or 4 baggers ~ Letting winners run and cutting losses ~ Why research reports are generally useless ~ Sell In May & Go Away ~ I am so smart but not making money from the stock market? ~ Reaction patterns in a panic / crisis situation ~ Buffett’s “Our favorite holding period is forever” b.s. or golden rule ~ Understand the flimsy ways we make decisions (e.g. anchor & adjust, media power, analysts) ~ Value investing vs Momentum investing ~ Economics, like most economists, are basically useless tools ~ Malaysia’s own bubbles and cycles ~ Sunsets, rainbows and pots of gold ~ Accumulate gems, trade rubbish, spring clean your portfolio – How important is management in stock selection ~ Why dollar-cost averaging is for imbeciles ~ Technical analysis and chartists are from Uranus ~ Should you invest overseas?

p/s photos: Haruna Yabuki


Roy said...

Great. Hope it will happen soon. Will attend this talk.

messi said...

hi dali,

Looking forward for the talk! a lot of interesting topics being covered. see u again!


wm said...

Can this be held on a normal working day (eg. Tuesday). It's difficult for working parents to get time off on Saturdays as the household chores is just too much.

Roy said...

so, when exactly is the talk? Would like to plan ahead.

Eric How, said...

See you again...

Cheng Huat said...

Strategies to avoid losses in investing should also be an interesting topic. Cheers.

Present Value said...

Brilliant! Will be there to learn & listen...and post questions.