Thursday, September 10, 2009

Discrepancy = Anomaly = Opportunity In IJM Land

I have blogged about why I like IJM Land:

Curiously, I have been monitoring the price trends and volume activity in IJM Land and IJM Land-WA. Stranger still was the strong pick up in buying activity in IJM Land-WA over the past 3 days. The discrepancy and anomaly was that IJM Land stayed relatively still throughout the whole thing. IJM Land-WA has gained more than 8 sen over the last few days with the mother share barely budging.

Looks like smart money are piling into the warrant probably ahead of a significant uptick in the mother share very soon. Just giving the heads up here.

p/s photo: Elanne Kong Yuk Lum


Drsaleh said...

well done. IJM Land move quite significantly for past few days. May increase further I hope. Thanks for the headstart

emacro said...

you have a great blog. My 2 sen worth is that at these lofty levels, when warrants move in it could be overspeculation. Could be like in 'greed of man' chinese series, in cantonese is 'si lai cho chong'.(Housewives become the house)