Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Career Switch: From Stock Analyst To Miss HK

Lau, a University of London Economics graduate, was a securities analyst reportedly laid off by a British financial institution when the economic crisis hit. Two days ago, she combined talent and wit and became the toast of the town.If you're one of the few who can switch careers at the drop of a hat, it won't hurt to take a few pointers from Sandy Lau Sin-tin.

In the Miss Hong Kong question- and-answer session, singer Leo Ku Kui- kei asked Lau to use types of stock in describing him and co-host Eric Tsang Chi-wai. She said Ku was "outstanding and reliable" and, therefore, an established stock. Tsang, who's called a celebrity playboy by some, was "unpredictable" and, therefore, a high-risk share.

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neha khare said...

here describe very well .but I was waiting for more stock market malaysia article. Thanks for sharing this information.