Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best Food Blog In Malaysia - Bual Bual Kosong

Readers will notice that I refresh and update my links quite often. I find that my links list is getting shorter. Many people request exchange of links with me, but I do not want to have hundreds of links that mean nothing to me or my blog site or for my readers. The links have to bear some value to me and are those that I read often or like a lot. I don't really care if someone will put my link up when I put theirs up - its up to them, if I like your site, I will put them up.

I have a few guidelines when deleting links - if you do not update your blog at least once or twice a week, you will be deleted. If you just copy and paste, you will be deleted. If you add little value, or just going around spouting profanities, you will also be deleted.

Rasa Malaysia is my favourite cooking blog on Malaysian / Asian food by a Malaysian chick living in the US - she is very good and a very good photographer as well. Finally I have picked my favourite Malaysian food blog, ta-dah.... its Bual Bual Kosong. I have added it to my links. He/she writes very well, the photos are wonderful and the map / directions are sometimes scanned as well. The commentary is not extreme, not every bak kut teh or prawn mee is the best ever... The blogger also travels a lot around the region, makes for a good daydreaming escapade during office hours. Check it out:

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