Tuesday, June 16, 2009

B-Toto's V.G. Results & Special Distribution

KUALA LUMPUR: Berjaya Sports Toto Bhd posted net profit of RM107.25 million for the fourth quarter ended April 30, up 76.5% from RM60.76 million a year ago.

Announcing a strong set of results on June 15, it also proposed share dividend via distribution of 89.71 million treasury shares on the basis of one treasury share for every 14 shares held.

It also declared an interim dividend of 19 sen per share (comprising nine sen per share tax exempt dividend and 10 sen per share single tier exempt dividend) for the financial year ending April 30, 2010. The books closure date for both the interim dividend and the share dividend has been fixed on July 15 while the payment date for the interim dividend is July 27.

Based on the number of 10 sen shares in issue as at June 15, 2009 of 1.256 billion, the fourth interim dividend distribution for FY ended April 30 was RM138.16 million.

This will bring the total net dividend distribution for the financial year ended 30 April 2009 to about RM316.7 million or &7.1% of the attributable profit of the Group for the financial year ended 30 April 2009.

On the fourth quarter performance, BToto said the better financial results were due to its principal subsidiary Sports Toto Malaysia Sdn Bhd. . The higher increase in pre-tax profit compared to the increase in revenue was mainly due to the previous year corresponding quarter ended April 2008 having incurred a higher prize payout.

For the full year, its net profit was RM410.49 million compared with RM348.66 million in the previous fiscal year. Revenue was RM3.69 billion from RM3.27 billion.

p/s photo: Park Si Yeon


CM said...

Thanks for the heads up earlier! From Bursa website, it seems BJTOTO is giving away 2 dividends, 1st being 19cts as what you have mentioned, 2nd being 11cts T.E. Am i wrong?

CM said...

Interim Dividend of 19 sen per share comprising of 9 sen per share tax exempt dividend and 10 sen per share single tier exempt dividend.

Fourth Interim Dividend of 11 sen per share tax exempt dividend.

Remnant 613 said...

Just wanna say "thank you" for your earlier coverage on BjToto. Bought in late at 4.96 but still manage a gain.
Missed out on Pelikan.
Gain on yr much earlier coverage on "cash cows (cash per share)" counters.
Appreciates all your insights/efforts.

Lee said...

I wanna say thank you as well. Went in at 4.76 and again at 5.00. Thanks a lot again for your effort in sharing the info

CM said...

Thank you very much...although only bought 2 units @ 4.76

chris said...

Thanks for the tip. Managed to buy a fair bit of shares at RM4.80.

Would appreciate your insight on whether one should hold for the whole exercise or take profit now. I am inclined to stay but am wary about overall market sentiment.

Little Bear said...

I'm wondering if you think there could be more upside. The CD warrant is looking interesting with a decent gearing and a low premium.

nicholas said...

Funny why a company need to borrow RM380 million in order to pay for the dividend? Oh well at least the banks can make some decent income from the loan.