Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Trade Ideas

Market registered record volumes on Thursday, which may not be a good thing. You will need record volume ++ on Friday and record volume +++ on Monday in order to take out the sellers. Having said that, the bull is not in danger of collapsing but rather it needs to consolidate and move up. I see a first target of 1,048. Hence we need to make doubly certain on entry levels for trades.

Next batch of rotational plays I like for a quick 20%, they are self explanatory:

TA long up to 1.03
TA-WB long up to 0.06
Affin long up to 1.77
Affin-WC up to 0.14
ECM long up to 0.66
HDBS long up to 1.45
Kenanga up to 0.68
OSK long up to 1.38

p/s photo: Nancy Wu Ding Yan


random said...


buy brokers on record volume?

yj said...

not good ?...but long long long???...i like ur style...

freddy wong said...

what's the story with Iris heard anything?

wc said...

Good call on TA-WB, if only there's an extension it'll be a blaster blast...

solomon said...

Make sense.

When you don't know what stock to enter, and with over billions trade volume, it make good recommendation to buy these brokers.

I buy yr idea and would do so to my high networth friends. If your prediction is right again, you could be next Cohen of Jalan Raja Chulan (where Bursa situated.

Enjoy your lunch break.