Friday, May 15, 2009

The Iffy Ones Come Out To Play

Had a good look at the leaders board today.... didn't like what I saw. The market leaders were filled with failed, failing, falling, finished, flatulating... companies... This is a pretty bad sign that the market will correct a bit when these derelicts come out to play.

The Iffy Ones: Iris, Scomi

The WTF Ones: Patimas, Tejari, PDZ, Mobif

The "I Can't Believe We Are In The Top Volume Page" Ones: PJ Bumi, Keladi

When you have friends like these, it tells you a lot about the state of the market. Its tired, the good operators have gone to take a rest. Take profit and await to re-enter, but in good trading counters, not the ones I just mentioned above.

p/s photos: Keiko Kitagawa


value investing in malaysia said...

All the top volume stocks are below RM1. Well, who would love to trade penny stocks, especially those below 20sen!! These investors certainly never learn from their past mistakes.

the worst is aint over here.

btw, something missing from ur article today.

RAD said...

Dear Dali
How come I do not see you in THE STAR anymore?

And, how did you hone your writing skills? Practice, practice, practice since young age?

S. Radhakrishnan

RAD said...

By the way our KLSE seems to have rebounded with vengeance, erasing yesterday's 10-pt drop

Perhaps the tug of war between the bulls and the bears will continue in favor of the bulls (but lacking in energy)

S. Radhakrishnan

RAD said...

What does WTF stands for?
'What the f-c-?


Smurf said...


What's your opinion on IJMLAND?

solomon said...

Could you be bother to look at the market for the next few weeks then? Or should we interpret that quality stock will be in limelight rather than the penny stocks.

I reckoned the plantation stocks. Any hints other than TH Plantation? Where is the Dato, have not seen his comments lately. Or smallish construction stocks like Fajar.

Live..Love..Laugh said...

Lets just wait and see how the stock market moves..

hic618 said...

What about those mentioned by you in your early post. TA-WB, Affin-WC, TA, Affin, OSK, HWDS etc. There're also subjected to heavy sell down today. Kindly provide your update view, if there is any.

Geoff said...

What do you think of IOI Corp? Latest results show writedown on unrealised forex losses on USD loan. This is expected to reverse with the weakened USD and they bought the remaining IOI Prop shares on the cheap.

Trashed said...

Your categarisation of the top volume stocks is spot on.