Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How To Interpret What Your Dealers & Remisers Are Saying

(Ooops!!! Very sorry, I didn't know the chart did not appear for many of you. Now it makes more sense, lol.)

The ultimate rulebook / guidebook for all investors. This chart below will help you to decipher where the market is at by what your dealer or remisier is saying. It has proven to be highly useful in locating where we are in the market trends and turns. Please use the guide diligently to translate what your dealer and remisiers are saying to you. For example in #5 when your dealer or remisier says "I'll use this correction to increase my position", look at the chart and you will know that it means the market is headed for a very big fall. If you look at #8 when they say that they cannot believe that a stock has fallen so much and has to be the absolute bottom, rest assured the chart is there to help you, it means the stock has at another 50% to fall. In example #15, when you tell your remisier or dealer that you have started to buy shares, and they shout back at you angrily "You what!!!??"... rest assured the market will continue a very strong and prolonged uptrend. Please use the chart below wisely.

1 Ah, the price is going up, let's watch the market
2 The trend is holding, I'll buy at the next consolidation
3 Damn! I missed the consolidation, but if I wait any longer, I won't profit from the trend. LET'S BUY!
4 Good thing I didn't wait
5 I'll use this correction to increase my position
6 Brilliant! At this price, let's double it!
7 Ouch. As soon as it goes back up, I'm selling out!
8 I don't believe it! Its down to 8 1/4! Its hit its absolute bottom!
9 OK, let's wait for it to recover - otherwise this will have to be a really loooong term investment
10 What are the SEC doing about this??!!
11 Enough! I'm selling out! And staying out
12 Good thing I sold
13 It's going to tank again anyway
14 Told you so
15 You what???
16 What the hell???
17 More crazies who are going to get taken to the cleaners!
18 This is it! I knew this was going to happen all along!
19 Drat! I'll buy again. It's cheaper than last time anyhow

(Double click on chart for better view)

p/s photos: Lee Ji Ah


james said...

am an avid follower of your blog. and have always admired your writing to the point i feel this must be the smartest china man i know but alas everything good has to come to an end sooner or later.
not sure wat u meant by this article of yours but if i've read it correctly its extremely insulting to this group of people(too young to retire, too old for another career) who day in and day out struggle to make a living thru elements beyond their control. its almost like trying to predict the future.
i hope its the humor in u thats being displayed or you are no different from the umno bastards who trample all over the less fortunate.

Salvatore_Dali said...


omg, you should be aware more than anyone else that this HAPPENS, its HUMOUR (look at the tags), and investors, dealers, remisiers, everyone in this fcuked up industry NEEDS to laugh at themselves, including me...

remember my blog is sacarstic n has dark humour, its very funny.... why nobody complains when I made jokes about economists???? everyone also kena, but its not laughing at the mistakes, its the confusion that everyone is in, nobody is an expert, an expert is basically someone who knows how little he/she know...

cool man, have fun n good luck

K H said...

Hi Dali,

My only disappointment with the article is that you should have given us your take on what all the 19 points supposedly meant instead of just #5, 8 & 15.

Jason said...

damn hilarious. See it in my line of work all the Happens everytime, everyday.

kh said...

I came across an "expert" used to say " market looks like will go up but fear it will correct". Wonder where will this rank.

Kris said...

I bet we are at stage 13 now...LOL