Sunday, June 15, 2008

Advice For Bloggers

I have been blogging for more than 3 years. Many bloggers come and go. Many do give it a go. Many lose interest quickly or run out of things to blog. Many will not be able to blog consistently. Having a sustainable blog requires a lot of dedication. Considering that most bloggers get nothing to blog. It can quickly turn into a chore rather than a redeeming habit.

I think out of every 100 new blogs started, only 10 will be around after 6 months. Most just die a natural death from it being a chore or from infrequent updates. Its very close to the closure rates for new restaurants.

I have to always refresh my LINKS as I will need to delete those blogs that have "passed away". If you blog for social reasons, its different, because your audience is already limited. If you blog on a subject matter such as politics, technology or business - your audience is enlarged, and you have something worthwhile to say, at least most of the time.

Below are some useful advice for aspiring bloggers:

a) You should have frequent updates. Weekly is the bare minimum. Even then, it is usually insufficient to attract most readers. I would suggest at least twice to three times a week. Daily would be the best.

b) Should you use your real name or a nick. Depends on the subject matter. Some people think there is less sincerity and bravado if you use a nick. It all depends on your current situation. Maybe your job is sensitive, and the blog may compromise your career. Hence no hard and fast rules. The other side of the coin is that some will say using your own name is self-promotional. You cannot win over everybody. Damn if you do, damn if you don't.

c) Can you be rude, sarcastic, vulgar, etc. .. that's the beauty of blogging. Its your blog. If you are rude, sarcastic and vulgar for no good reason, people will be turned off - soon you will blog to empty internet space. Its not an English test paper presentation, its your blog. But it should be clear, concise and have points to make. Rude words, sarcasm or vulgar words should be for clarity and emphasis. They should be able to carry the mood and your character. You cannot please everyone.

d) Its your blog. You cannot aim to please everyone cause then you will be writing for the lowest common denominator. The blog must please your own self first. There will always be critics. There will always be people who criticise your style of writing and your views. Answer them as best you can. Ignore them if you want. Its your blog.

e) For a blog to make sense for you, it has to mean something to you. You must have something to share. You hope that something has value in it. You have to have an almost altruistic bent as you will probably get zero returns. It is a good mechanism to voice your views, and indirectly release some stress. Its probably the next best thing to writing and publishing a book. Everybody wants to have a book published for egotistical reasons - a good blog goes a long way to satisfy that "desire", I guess.

f) Your character should come through your blog. I know most readers think I am curt in most of my replies, or impatient with silly questions - still am, but that's who you are. No need to paint a superhero alter-ego.

p/s photos: Supaksorn Chaimongkol


Edmund TTS said...

Hi dali,
I luv your post very much especially on the oil issue and I hope oil price will really come down soon cause I have dump all my money inside. I would like to request 2 things, 1st please help to choose my sept oracle at and 2nd I hope that you can consider to link my blog to yours as I think your blog really good.

Edmund TTS said...

by the way, I am known as King Spartan Edmund in my blog. Thank you again dali.

CaptainCaveman said...

Hi Dali,

Thanks for the tips and advice. Yes sir, I am new to blogging. I like and enjoy your post. I am interested in business to politics to general interests especially humour and fun.

You know, too much of those politics and business stuffs make me feel tired and bored!

Thanks again and God Bless

ONI said...

Good advice for new blogger like me. I've been following Malaysia Finance for about 2 years. Great work Sal.

Drop-by my tokkok blog whenever. :)
Tokkok Oni

ivy said...

Hi Dali,

FAIR comment......A+ !!!!

Victor AY said...

Hi Dali,

Kudos to you in enlightened us in the area of macro/microeconomics from fund managers perspective. Not as many blogger as diligent as you in giving out feedback and raise concern in certain issue in light of the skyroketting inflation and US economic debacle.

Hope to get more insight from you in the coming days....

Bob Goh said...

To be successful in blogging, I think we have to treat blogging as a business. What you said is very true, frequent updates are important to maintain the livelihood of a blog.

Ben said...

Dali, I'm extremely curious... what's with the photos of women on each post? I'm not implying anything, just very curious. :-)

Anyway, good blog. I think now that the spotlight is fixed on Malaysia politics, it's time we switch-on a new one for the business market - which is in many ways non-transparent, and non-accountable.


Salvatore_Dali said...

(pls read posting on 31 may)

Sigh, I guess I have to upload these queries and post my answer. Very tiring to keep getting these questions. So once and for all, here is my reply:

Bryan said...

Thank you Dali for the recommendation.

I have something to say, why your post must accompanied with those sexy ladies pictures? Many times my colleagues would look like I am surfing some porn websites...
8:14 PM

TsuChong said...

Hi salvatore dali,

New to this blog. Enjoyed reading it.

But just confused a little... why every post also got hot chic picture one?

Salvatore_Dali said...

bryan & tsu chong,

You both are not the first, you won't be the last. Strictly speaking, if I wanted to be a difficult a-hole, I will just say that its my blog - hence there is no need to explain or justify the pictures. But since you ask so nicely, I will venture an answer:

I used to have to search for "intelligent photos" which somehow may relate to the topic of my posting, you can see from the first 2 years of postings. It was exhausting and not very fun at all. Posting has to have photos as its nicer to look at and more captivating.

Then I said to myself, its my blog, there is no need to look professional. Its all in the comments. If readers want to read it, they will read it. Why not put up photos I like to see. I am a very single hetrosexual guy. Hence I like pretty girls - or rather to look at them.

I don't just put up any girls, they have to be my type and have some jenaisequa' (pardon my Japanese) ... some readers prefer me not to post the photos, some really wanted me to. As for myself, I really wanted to as well.

If it looks like u r surfing some website, tell them its Malaysia Finance, I assume yr boss even look at my site sometimes, I think.

What I post is to share, there is no fee or subscription, or membership... in exchange I would ask my readers to pardon my "habits and indulge me a bit".